Magento book coming soon ...

Hallo folks, good morning!

I'm very excited today, or not, because I waked up at 06 am to accomplish my mission to write this post.

This weekend was quite productive in many aspects and after defining my personal challenge about writing daily during 30 days a post, I was talking with a Brazilian friend (Tiago Sampaio) about the Magento development market in Brazil and we noticed we don't have a good book covering Magento advanced topics.

Okay, I know we have excellent resources in English but if you want to achieve a good part of the community you must have good things written in a local language.

Ps.: Developers who don't know English are normal in many different countries

This means: this book will be only in Portuguese. Ok, maybe in the future we translate to English, but it depends on other important factor: acceptance.

To write the book we decided to use the incredible Gitbook platform (AMAZING!) for writing and distribute, this means that we only will have digital format :D

Well, I can't provide many details now because we are finishing the scope, summary, etc. But our plan is to finish till the end of this year and publish in December or beginning of January/2016 and according our progress I'll posting here the news about the book, than you can follow this process with us!

I hope you are so excited like me ... Have an awesome week !


A challenge against myself: 30 days / 30 posts

Houston, we have a problem!

Have you started something and after few days stopped or you simply feels like you can't do? Not because you don't know but because isn't your habit, we always have some excuse: - "Oh, I didn't have time"; - "I don't know how to do it"; - "I'm tired today"

I've read a lot of articles and books about getting things done, but this doesn't work for me when the goal is write a simple text, article or blog post. Yes, I always had this lack of commitment when it's about my blog and it kills me.

Every time I sit down to write I can't remember the points seems like I'm a novice in everything or a lot of distractions like twitter, IRC, football (#ilovefootball). Oh my God! I didn't have control of my mind and I'm not respecting the moment reserved for this.

... Work hard, BITCH!

I have read a lot of articles and other people experience and then I decided to challenge myself to write daily a new post during 30 days. I'm working to create a new and good habit and to incorporate this in my routine, but the journey isn't easy because we are trained to be lazy and our mind always prefers the comfort zone.

After this, my goal is to write three times a week (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday), but after my adaptation month I'm sure will be "super easy"! :D

Do you know what's the best way to create a new habit? Share with us below and let's discuss and improve ourselves!